April 2022 Community Day

By | January 30, 2022

April 2022 Community Day. April's community day is set for sunday, april 11, and will give players more chances to catch the gen 5 starter pokemon. Dates of the pokémon go community days in march, april and may (2022) on the occasion of the end of the legacy season, niantic has anticipated when we will be able to participate in the community days of the next season, the details of which will be revealed in the coming days:

2022 Easter Sunday Funday 17th April 2022
2022 Easter Sunday Funday 17th April 2022 from www.activefakenham.org.uk

This means you'll have until 7 pm local time to evolve servine into a. Pokemon go 's next community day will take place on sunday, april 11. Sunday, march 13, 2022 ;

The February 2022 Community Day Will Feature Hoppip, The Cottonweed Pokémon.

April community day is set for saturday, april 23, 2022. Niantic has announced the dates for the pokémon go community day events in march, april, and may of 2022. Since january 2022, a second event each month named community day classic:

Join Eazybi Community Day In Las Vegas, Nv, Usa On April 8, 2022!

The pokémon go community day events are scheduled for: Here’s the full community day schedule for 2022. The mobile game's march, april and may community day events have been dated.

Community Days Happen On Either.

Play at home edition and the duration of the event was changed from three hours to six hours. Our pokémon go 2022 community day schedule will help you plan around what days you’ll want to go hunt pokémon, and list out previous community days and special attacks. Pokemon go 's next community day will take place on sunday, april 11.

Dates Of The Pokémon Go Community Days In March, April And May (2022) On The Occasion Of The End Of The Legacy Season, Niantic Has Anticipated When We Will Be Able To Participate In The Community Days Of The Next Season, The Details Of Which Will Be Revealed In The Coming Days:

Pokémon go community day events will take place on the following weekend days, niantic confirmed earlier this week: Pokemon go 's february community day may have only recently ended. Mourning grief & loss community day & professional development (ce)

Pokémon Go Announces Poké Ball Prep Rally With Hisuian Electrode Players Can Now Mark Their Calendars For When Pokémon Go Could Have Its Community Days Over The Subsequent Three Months.

Saturday, april 23, 2022 saturday, may 21, 2022 the actual pokémon who will be featured in pokémon go ’s next three community days — and their community day moves, which can normally only be obtained during each event’s hours — haven’t been revealed, but there are some good candidates, and they’re long overdue: Here are the dates that niantic gave for the next three pokémon go community days: Sunday, march 13, 2022 ;

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